See you in 2019

Cheers to everyone that came to our March shows and saw us off. We’re taking a break now until next year. We’ll be back full of riffs and head banging tunes. Bye for now and see you in 2019.

See you in 2019

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March Gigs

We’ve got a few shows lined up this month, including our first ever acoustic set


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We had a great couple of gigs this past week in Limerick’s Pharmacia and Galway’s Roisin Dubh. Cheers to all involved in their tireless efforts in putting the best up and coming bands on the stage to show what they can do

Here’s a pixelated glimpse of us closing out our set at Citóg on Wednesday night – at least the sound is spot on. See y’all in 2018

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Róisín Dubh, Wed 06 Dec

Tomorrow night we play our first hometown show as a 4-piece. Citóg are having us back in the Róisín for the first time since we released our Opaline EP way back in March this year. We’re well limbered up after rocking the shit out of it in Limerick at the weekend, let’s do it all again tomorrow


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December 2017 Gigs

Every year people always ask “Hey you must have loads of gigs lined up for the Christmas”. Well no, sorry to inform ya, filthy stoner grunge doesn’t really do it at the Christmas parties.

But would ya fuckin’ believe it – this year is different. We’ve got a couple of gigs coming up this week in fact.

For the first time ever, this Saturday 02 Dec we are on our way down to Limerick to support our grunge brothers Stone Malice in Pharmacia.

And next Wed 06 Dec we support Galway indie heavyweights Bob Skeleton at Citóg in the Roisin Dubh.

Let’s fuckin’ kick this Christmas off right

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 21.38.05

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Last Night in Whelan’s

Last night in Whelan’s was the shiz. Cheers to everyone involved in putting it together. Slouch are the dirty fuzz merchants that we’ve always needed in our lives – what a savage set

We had a triumphant first show as a 4-piece. The Butcher stepped up to the challenge! Then he had to sleep in a car on the side of the motorway and now he’s dying at work chopping up dead pigs. We’re a glamorous bunch

Setlist: Lazy Madonna / Splashdance / Obsidian Black / Bumblebee / (New Song) / Crazy Dog / 15 to 1 / Bloody Blatant / Bad Times (Have Never Felt So Good)


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We have a 4th member now

We wondered to ourselves: “What could this band do with?”
And the answer was: “MORE GUITARS!”

We’d like to announce that we have increased to 4 members. Introducing Alan “The Butcher” Derrick, who featured on Splashdance on this year’s Opaline EP. Now we’ve made him a full time member. His first show is coming up this Friday in Whelan’s. No pressure like!


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Zeros & Ones // Slouch – Live in Whelan’s

We’ll be making our return to Whelan’s to play the Midnight Hour on 15 September with support from Dublin’s grunge slugs Slouch. Come and take this opportunity to release your inner caveman

Whelans 15 Sept 17

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Opaline EP Launch

We release our Opaline EP on Wednesday, March 15th at 9pm in the Roisin Dubh (FREE ENTRY)

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 23.20.16

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APACHE Lyric Video

2 weeks tomorrow night we launch our Opaline EP at Citóg in Róisín Dubh. In the run up to the event we’ve put lyric videos together for the tracks on our debut Winese Democracy EP. Here’s the first one for APACHE

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