Opaline EP – Launch Night 15 March 2017

Wow, we haven’t updated since July! Oops

We’ve been busy finishing off our 2nd EP, which will be titled Opaline. Recording has involved 2 producers in 4 studios and it features a number of guest musicians. We will be launching Opaline in Róisín Dubh, Galway on 15 March 2017. This will be followed by a promotional Irish tour. Keep an eye on the Live Shows page for details


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July Irish Tour Finished

We finished our tour in 5th on Teeling in Sligo on Friday. What an unreal venue. Perfect finish. We caught some cool venues along the way, played with some great bands and sold a batch of Winese Democracy copies. All in a month’s work! Now we’re headed back to the studio

Check out the fan-made merch from our show in Clare


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Irish Tour 2016

Zeros & Ones have plotted an Irish Tour this July. We’ll be taking in 6 locations around the country to play fuzzed out tracks from the Winese Democracy EP and from our upcoming release (that we’ve been busy hammering together with producing maestro Willow Sea).

If we’re stopping by your town, come in and we’ll assist with your impending hearing loss.

Irish Tour 2016

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Fresh Meat #1

We’re live at Fresh Meat #1, hosted by Venture Presents in The Mezz, Dublin this Thursday at 8pm.

05 May - Fresh Meat #1, The Mezz, Dublin

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New Video

The nice guys in GTI recorded a few tunes at the Winese Democracy EP launch. Here’s Stone Juice

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Winese Democracy is on Bandcamp

Winese Democracy is now available for download on Bandcamp. It costs €4 and downloads of the full EP come with a host of extra tracks and bonus items.

This also means that anyone who has purchased a physical copy can use the download code supplied and download everything for free.

Wider online release to follow. We will provide all the details when it’s ready.

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Winese Democracy EP Launch

Zeros & Ones’ debut EP Winese Democracy will be launched in Róisín Dubh, Galway on 22 January. CDs will be on sale at the event for €5.

Winese Democracy will also be on sale on Bandcamp on 23 January and will be available for download/streaming on all regular online outlets (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.) on 24 January.

There will be bonus content available for anyone who purchases a physical copy or purchases directly from the Zeros & Ones Bandcamp page.


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Balcony TV

We made a video with the lovely people at Balcony TV Galway. Check out a live take of Brother Cat on the Videos page.

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Winese Democracy

Our debut EP Winese Democracy is ready to go. Launch night on 20 January 2016 in Róisín Dubh, Galway.

Cannot fucking wait.

Winese Democracy 1 Winese Democracy 2 Winese Democracy 3

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New Videos

We’ve got a new Videos page. Hob Junker Studios has made a couple of live videos of Bloody Blatant and Get Through from our show in Róisín Dubh back in September. Check them out.

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